Mortgage Valuations

When a lending institution offers to provide a loan which is to be secured against the borrower’s property, a valuation of the property is normally obtained from a qualified valuer.

The lender requires reassurance that the property is readily saleable and worth at least as much as the proposed loan and that there are no defects or other adverse physical factors that could affect future value and/or saleability.

Both partners have had extensive experience over many years of valuing town and country residential properties throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent on behalf of mortgage lenders and secured loan providers.


“Thank you for sending along the survey report. It’s all very clearly set out and I’d like to thank you not only for this thorough report but for your help before and since the survey was done. With us being new to this process, your clear explanations and input have been really useful and reassuring.”


“Many thanks for your report. It looks like you’ve done a very thorough and excellent job!”

Patrick & Jane

We owe you a huge thank you as it was a result of our conversations with you that we discovered this problem which had not been picked up by either of the parties involved.. We believe if we had gone ahead, the property would have proved to be a bit of a millstone to future plans. Rest assured, that when we find another house we shall be calling on your excellent service again.


I shall certainly use your services again if required, and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends/colleagues.


Thank you for your speedy attention and very comprehensive report which I did read as soon as it was received and found to be exactly what I was looking for.


Not only was the report comprehensive and easy to read, the recommendations were invaluable.

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