Residential Valuations

We have many years experience in valuing all types of residential properties (town and country) throughout our area of coverage and have a wide and growing valuation client base.

Private residential valuations can provide reassurance on the value of a property, particularly when being purchased. However, private valuations are not detailed inspections and should not be confused as such. If a report on the structure and general condition of a property is required then you will need to consider instructing either a Building Survey or a Home Purchase Survey.

We have a number of options available, please see below:

Matrimonial Valuations

Matrimonial valuations are sometimes required in divorce settlements. We are instructed either by one party or, with mutual consent, both parties to give an impartial opinion of value on a single property or a portfolio of properties.

Probate Valuations

When somebody dies, the Executors appointed in the deceased’s will have to submit a return to HMRC in order that the estate can be assessed for inheritance tax. A value has to be attributed to all the assets of the deceased, including any residential properties (normally the deceased’s former home).

Mortgage Valuations

When a lending institution offers to provide a loan which is to be secured against the borrower’s property, a valuation of the property is normally obtained from a qualified valuer.

Rental Valuations

We act for several Housing Associations, providing capital and rental valuations on a variety of existing and new build properties throughout our area of coverage.

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